qooqo: your smartphone wallet

qooqo – pay everywhere quickly and simply with your smartphone: mobile, online and offline!

qooqo is the practical, simple and secure payment system for mobile people: simply download and activate the qooqo app in a store or market. All you need to do is to save only once your account or credit card details in your qooqo app and choose your personal PIN.

Now you can buy cool content while on the road with your smartphone, become member in an exciting community on your computer or pay entrance to a club: get out your mobile phone, start the app, click on the code, done.

qooqo – download, activate and pay: mobile, online and offline!

You can download your qooqo app here:

App StoreAndroid App

In a shop

Pay with qooqo in a shop or restaurant. Just scan the round QR code at the cash desk and confirm the amount with your PIN.

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For online shopping, simply scan the round QR code on the display with the help of your smartphone and authorize the payment with your PIN.

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You are surfing the internet with your smartphone and want to pay something. Simply click on the round QR code.

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